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5 Best Trip-Planning Tips Straight from Travel Agents

Double- and Triple-check details.

After you book flights, hotels, or excursions, make sure your name is correct on all tickets and reservations. Make sure the spelling is exactly the same. Ball says. According to the airline policy or hotel policy, a misspelled name could cause cancellations and Travel Agents delays.

Book online and skip the lines Travel Agent

Parizek suggests that you pay for museum tickets in advance, especially if there is a skip-the line fee. “Overtourism can cause problems in popular destinations, and crowds can become overwhelming.” Waiting in line for more than two hours to view the Louvre is a waste time.

Plan ahead for airport transportation.

Tina Dahmen is a luxury advisor in Bali. “There’s nothing worse than getting off a long flight only to have to deal with taxis, and then being ripped off,” she says. “Unfortunately, we all know that the taxi mafia is a major problem in many tourist destinations.” If there’s no available shuttle, ask your hotel concierge for a booking or inquire about how to get to the apartment from Airbnb.

Pack less.

This might seem obvious but you’ll soon discover that you don’t always need all the things you bring. Before you go, take a look at your itinerary and determine the weather forecast for the week. Next, make a list that includes Travel Agents essentials and outfits that can be mixed and matched. Freetour’s Georgina Blusco states that it is always a good idea “to avoid stress-inducing last-minute situations.”

Use Travel Agent cubes.

Use packing cubes to save space and organize your items. Parizek explains that packing cubes can be a good way to save space and organize items when on tour.

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