Reusable “Travel Size Bottles” are a must-have item

Travel Size Bottles For me at least, when I was researching for my first solo trip, one thing that was very important was how I would wash myself. Yes, I do. Newbie traveler problems.

Here’s the truth: I had a favorite facewash. A teenage girl with severe acne suffered from her teens, I had one favorite facewash and it was the only one that I could use. Finding a substitute seemed impossible.

It was then that I was astonished to discover that experienced travellers have their own travel-sized bottles which they refill and re-use.

Travel bottles and a good toiletry bag are two of my top travel tunnel tents essentials. You know, the luxury of having my favorite shampoo and face wash with me everywhere, in a small size that I can easily carry, without worrying about putting dozens of bottles into the trash every year.

Talk about a win-win situation

This guide will help you make your first purchase if you are like young Christina, who was naive and didn’t know that travel-sized bottles existed.

Travel containers for liquids have become a common commodity. This article will discuss the top travel bottles that you can purchase online, based on your specific needs. It also includes key considerations when deciding on which size travel bottle to buy.

The benefits of having your own Travel Size Bottles Container

There are many benefits to not having to buy travel-sized products all the time. Here are some reasons to get a set of travel-sized containers for yourself if you haven’t yet.

1. It’s better for our environment Travel Size Bottles

While I still love the little shampoos and conditioners that you can get at hotels, it is becoming more obvious how wasteful and inefficient they are. You can save tons of bottles by purchasing reusable bottles upfront.

2. When you travel, you have easy access to your favorite products?

A bonus to having your own refillable shampoo/conditioner bottles is that you can use them for whatever purpose you like. I need blue shampoo for my hair, so it’s hard to find a mini version. Your favorite moisturizers, and even salad dressings. Although you wouldn’t necessarily need it on a trip to the area, all of the travel bottle product pages seemed to mention this and I found that wonderful.

The Perfect Travel Size Bottles Some Tips

You’ve made the decision to buy some personal travel-sized bottles. The question is: What should you look for when buying your bottles? There are so many boots travel insurance containers available online that it is difficult to choose from. Here are some things to consider when selecting the right travel containers to purchase.

1. Your travel bottles’ size

100mL bottles are the best, since this allows you to carry a lot of liquids without exceeding the limit. However, 100mL can be too large for short-term travel. Although it may not seem like much, things such as facewash can be very useful when stored in these bottles. You might consider reducing the weight and Travel Size Bottles of your bags by getting smaller bottles (minimum 100ml).

2. What to store in your Travel Size Bottles

Another consideration is the type of liquids that you will be storing in your bottles. This will affect what bottles you choose to buy.

Reusable travel bottles can be made from either silicone or plastic. Plastic bottles are more durable and can be used to hold oil products such as argan oil. Silicon absorbs oil so avoid silicone travel insurance bottles if you have special hair oils or other oil-based products that you need to take with you. You’ll be left with a damaged bottle and your expensive product will go with it. This is a true story. You can read 90% of the negative reviews on silicon travel bottles on Amazon.

You might also consider small pots that are smaller than standard bottles if you plan to bring cream/moisturizer.

3. You may need additional items e.g. A carrying case is recommended

When purchasing travel-sized bottles, the last thing you should consider is whether you will need additional items. While most travel bottles can be purchased as a standalone item, there are many bundle options available on Amazon that allow you to purchase multiple bottles with labels and a case. If that’s what you need, be sure to keep an eye on bundle deals such as thisl.