About Us

Our Journey: Venturing Beyond Borders

In 2015, a group of travel enthusiasts found themselves reminiscing about adventures, from the whispering alleys of Venice to the vibrant streets of Bangkok. Realising the profound impact travel had on their lives, they wanted to create a platform to share these transformative experiences. And thus, whenitravel.co.uk was born.

Our Mission: To inspire and inform. We strive to provide authentic and relatable travel stories that ignite wanderlust.

Our Values:

  • Genuine Connection: Travel isn’t just about places, but the bonds formed and memories created.
  • Sustainability: We advocate for responsible tourism, preserving the beauty of destinations for generations to come.
  • Diversity: Embracing different cultures, traditions, and voices, celebrating the vast tapestry of global experiences.

In a world filled with travel platforms, what sets us apart? Heart. Every story shared, every tip given, every destination unveiled comes from a place of passion and genuine experience.

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