Toronto, Canada. April 26, 2016, Europe is the perfect summer getaway. From the French Riviera’s turquoise coast to hole-in the-wall Italian caf├ęs serving the best single shots in the world, rural Portuguese vineyards, and Swiss alpine communities, Europe has it all. Exodus Travel launched 61 European small-group and independent adventures in 2016. Each adventure was hosted by friendly local leaders who are experts on their region.

Exodus has more than 42 years experience in designing and operating amazing adventures to 100 different countries around the world. This summer, Exodus presents its top 10 trips to Europe.

1. Douro Valley Walking & Wine Exodus Travel

Explore ancient wine cellars, and wander the peaceful countryside of a country once dominant the world’s trade routes. Exodus’ Portugal new walking tour begins in Porto. It then voltron travel into the Douro Valley where sweet-tasting port can be found. Then it continues to Terras de Basto where vinho verde is grown. This luxury adventure offers wine tastings, accommodations in 4- or 5-star hotels, and leisurely walking through ancient olive groves to reach chapel shrines. Eight-day departures begin May 14, 2016. Rates starting at $1,695 USD

2. Walking in the French Riviera

Exodus Travel new walking tour invites sun-seekers and adventurers to discover the French Riviera’s beautiful cliff-side villages, lush interior, and at their own pace. Exodus handpicked the best woodland and coastal trails in the region, which lead to impressive old towns, medieval castles and tranquil Mediterranean beaches. Star-studded Monaco is another option. Here mega-yachts are perched along the coast. After that, travelers can head into Menton to hike towards the Italian border. Eight-day departures begin April 23, 2016. Rates starting at $1,185 USD

3. Sicily Exodus Travel Food Adventure

The delicious taste of Sicily’s cannoli and the crunchy arancini are just a few of the many reasons Sicily’s food is so well-known. The southern Italy foodie trail takes gastronomists on a culinary adventure through Sicily. They learn how to make their own dishes in Trapani’s street food market and then go on to create their own dishes with Trapani’s local chef. Eight-day departures begin May 7, 2016. Rates starting at $1,695 USD

4. Self-Guided Cycling in Slovenia

The romantic town of Bled is set in stunning alpine scenery. It and its iconic island are among the most picturesque settings in Europe. The best Slovenian biking trails are accessible from this point, including Vintgar Gorge (carved 150m deep into Slovenian mountains by the Radovna River) and Radovna Valley. Exodus arranges a car transfer from the Pokljuka high plateau to riders who will then charge downhill through alpine villages and to Lake Bahinj, as well as nearby waterfalls, for a pleasant, easy ride. Eight-day departures begin April 20, 2016. Rates starting at $1,235 USD

5. Tuscany: Florence to Lucca Ride

Exodus’s new bike tour through Tuscany starts in Florence, a renaissance capital. It then travel tattoo off the beaten path towards the Garfgnana mountainous region. Finally, it returns via Luca’s rolling hills via Devil’s Bridge. This bridge is an important pilgrimage route to Rome and a stunning example of medieval engineering. Adventurers have the option to walk or take a tour along the Cinque Terre coastline, and enjoy delicious Tuscan food and wine. Eight-day departures begin May 21, 2016. Rates starting at $1,445 USD

6. Cycling in Portugal From the Mountains to The Sea

The route follows the River Mingo to the Atlantic Ocean. It begins in the rugged and wild region of northern Portugal. Bicyclists will be able to see wild horses and deer along the route, as well as stop for organic vinho verde. The trip ends in Porto, UNESCO World Heritage city. Here you can taste the world-famous Port wine from old cellars. Eight-day departures begin April 24, 2016. Rates starting at $1,355 USD

7. La Palma Self-guided Trails

La Palma is a volcanic island in the western Canaries. It is also known as La Isla Bonita (the pretty island). Exodus’ self-guided walking tour will take ember travel mug along stunning coastal trails that lead through small vineyards, avocado and mango orchards, and whitewashed villages such as San Andres. Highlights include the “Barranco de Herradura”, which is considered to be one of Spain’s most beautiful walking trails and the “Ruta de Los Volcanes,” a series of volcanic cones located in the south. Eight-day departures begin April 21, 2016. Rates starting at $1,325 USD

8. Croatia: Castles to Coast Walking

Exodus’ thrilling trip to Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula will delight your senses with blissful walks through idyllic orchards full of cherries, plums, and peaches in the Kaldir valley and along the Adriatic coastline to remote coves, and azure beaches. Hikers can climb Mt. Istra, the highest peak in Istra for panoramic views that reach as far as Switzerland and the Dolomites. Vojak before retiring to Opatija’s 19th-century villa. Eight-day departures begin May 3, 2016. Rates starting at $1,735 USD

9. Puglia The Heel of Italy

This new trip to Italy’s southern tip focuses on art, architecture, local traditions, and cuisine. It also includes leisure walks along the coast, Baroque explorations, and lazy days at the beach. Travelers will be staying in Alberobello’s whitewashed Trulli houses, sampling organic produce at a traditional Masseria (an Apulian converted farmhouse), as they explore the diverse Puglia landscapes. They’ll also travel 60m deep into the Itria Valley’s ancient cave systems. Eight-day departures begin May 1, 2016. Rates starting at $1,635 USD

10. Cycling Romania Exodus Travel

Transylvania’s beauty and mystery rivals that of the Carpathian Mountains. Exodus’ brand new bike tour, rich in Saxon history, features a landscape dotted by castles, monasteries, and wool mills. It begins in Bran and ends at Dracula’s Castle before reaching the top of the highest mountain ranges in Romania. Road warriors cycle 35-66 kilometres per days, pedalling quiet country roads to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, old citadels, and eclectic communist-era towns like Bucharest. Nine-day departures begin May 7, 2016. Rates starting at $1,405 USD


Exodus Travel, the world’s most trusted adventure tour company for over 42 years, has made active cold-weather bike travel bag a hot topic. To get outdoor enthusiasts and thrill-seekers around the globe off the beaten track, the travel pioneers created a collection of 50 cold weather trips to showcase the best of winter. Exodus offers exceptional experiences for all types of travelers. It features world-class skiing (27 tours), wildlife safaris and snowshoe trekkings, as well as extreme races and cultural encounters.

With fewer people, more affordable flights, and more unique experiences, winter adventure travel is on the rise. Exodus’ exciting new adventures invite sweater-weather enthusiasts to visit a bear sanctuary and cross-country ski some of the most iconic mountains in the world. They also offer hot cider and a chance to explore Christmas markets while sipping hot cider. Travelers can relax in unique accommodation, including log cabins, mountain lodges owned locally, cozy igloos, and quirky ice hotels.