You will have a more enjoyable vacation if you visit popular tourist destinations that you haven’t been to before. Indus Travels is an international tour operator offering affordable vacation packages to over 80 destinations worldwide. They offer a variety of trip styles. There are many options for the best social distance vacation ideas that you can share with your loved ones and family. You can easily find the Best Social Distance Vacation Idea Packages that are affordable and complete.

Indus Travels offers safe, practical, and affordable vacation packages

Self-Drive Vacations: Self-Drive Vacations allow clients to explore the world on their own. Ireland has the best castle tours. These castles can be found all over Ireland, from the Dublin Castle in the capital to the picturesque country castles and castles that have been turned into hotels. Just off the ring road are many breathtaking waterfalls in Iceland. It’s possible to visit many waterfalls on an Icelandic road trip. Both countries are northern islands and both have beautiful, windy (cold), beaches. You can choose Iceland or Ireland. Both countries are green. Stunning, bright green. It is traditional trees and plants in Ireland that give Ireland its vibrant color.

Wildlife Safaris in Kenya: These small group tours can accommodate 7 people and are a great choice for those who are socially distant. You’re likely to have spent time dreaming about safari trips if you are a traveler who longs to see the natural world in its full glory. The Best Socially Displaced Vacation Ideas. Safaris in Kenya offer a wonderful way to see endangered or rare animals in their natural habitat. These wild animals can be viewed from safe distances by tourists who also support conservation efforts.

Group Tours for Ultra-Small Groups – Costa Rica is a great destination to plan a group tour. You will find beautiful scenery, adventure activities, and amazing wildlife wherever you go in this small country. Indus Travels can help you plan the perfect itinerary for your Ultra-Small Group Tours trip to Costa Rica. This will ensure that you have a comfortable and safe journey.

Active Tours Indus Travels offers a unique experience for those who are open to sharing their hearts and souls with the adventure. You can walk, cycle, hike, trek, or take yoga-guided tours or tailor-made adventures. These are some of the best socially distant vacation ideas. This is a bit different, bolder and more exciting. Tuscany Bike Indus Travels will take you to the best of Italy. Your five senses will be fully engaged when you cycle through Tuscany. It’s possible to smell the grape harvest, hear the cow chimes, feel the breeze in your face and take in the beauty of the hills around you. You can be totally immersed in your surroundings by cycling. Even if your previous experience in Tuscany is limited, riding a bike around the region will give you a fresh perspective. You can connect with the landscape by cycling in unique and new ways.

Do you have questions or are you planning a vacation? Indus Travels’ friendly, knowledgeable experts can help you plan your perfect vacation. Ask them about the safest travel policies for COVID-19, or for ideas on socially distant vacations.