Learn a foreign language in a matter of minutes

Do you want to try learning a foreign language in preparation for your much-anticipated international vacation? No matter where you are, it doesn’t matter what country you are in. Knowing the language is important. Respect and consideration for people in the country is a sign of respect. It can also be invaluable in practical situations. Rosetta Stone has partnered with us to help you feel confident and prepared for your travels.

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How to learn a foreign language before your next trip

Preparing for my trip to Ecuador’s rural Ecuador, I needed to improve my Spanish knowledge and expand beyond “hola” or “cerveza por favor.” Let’s face facts, my cringeworthy Spanglish wasn’t going to cut it.

Rosetta Stone is a great way to learn and practice the language without having to spend the money or time to find a tutor.

Get Productive With Your Smartphone

How many hours or minutes do you spend scrolling through social media without thinking? It is time to use your phone productively and achieve your language goals. You can use the mobile app to learn on the go. It gives you the chance to make the most of your phone and not waste your time. It’s easy to use every day because of its interactive, game-like lessons.

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Internet is not available in your area. No problem.

The United States has the luxury of high-speed internet at all times. However, there are many places in the world where you can’t get reliable or even nonexistent wifi. I knew I wouldn’t be able to access international data or wifi while on my next trip. I was delighted to learn that you can download lessons and listen offline. These can be used on the plane, in your hotel or driving to work.

Learn More than the Basics

Although I had some Spanish vocabulary at different points in my life, it was not enough to translate words into sentences that could be used in real-life situations. The Rosetta Stone immersion method helped me easily transition from words to phrases to conversations, without even realizing!

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The program is not designed to teach introductory words or phrases. It’s more geared towards someone who wants to learn a language. TruAccent pronunciation training will keep you from sounding like an idiot trying to learn the language.

Integrate your new language into your everyday life

The amount of time you spend learning a language is a key factor in how quickly you can learn it. Instead of viewing it as something you have to do, integrate your Rosetta Stone lessons into every day life. Learning is a time-consuming activity that most people are able to master in a matter of minutes.

You are not allowed to practice your speech in public places. The Audio Companion can be used anywhere from the gym to the waiting area at the doctor’s office. Rosetta Stone is a great habit to form.

You can choose from 30 different languages

Are you disappointed that popular language apps don’t provide the language you need? Don’t worry. Rosetta Stone offers more than the 5 or 6 most commonly used languages. It also has 30 languages available online and 24 in the app — everything from Hebrew to Farsi to Chinese.

You can even find specific dialects of Spanish or English for different regions. There is no other program that can offer such a wide range of languages and an in-depth program with the same level of effectiveness.

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Learn to speak key phrases in real-life situations

A language-learning app can teach you phrases that you wouldn’t use in real life. Yes, I have. Rosetta Stone’s Phrasebook lessons have provided all the necessary phrases to help you shop, eat out, meet people, get around, safety, and health. For my next trip to Ecuador, I feel more comfortable communicating with rural Ecuadorian people!