Things You Must Try When Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most captivating cities to visit worldwide, boasting vibrant markets, historical landmarks, and delectable dishes to delight any traveller. Here are three things you should do while in the city.

Visit the Victoria peak

Victoria Peak offers breathtaking views of Hong Kong Island’s skylines that will leave you speechless. In the evening, it offers mesmerising sunset views while on clear days you may glimpse nearby islands from its summit – locals often refer to it as the summit!

Visitors to the anvil-shaped tower will get the best view, while walkers should follow the 3.5 km circular walking route for an amazing bird’s eye perspective of high rise buildings.

As one of Hong Kong Island’s premier locations, Stanley Peak was used by cargo ships during the 19th century for loading and unloading goods. It’s an epic climb up over 1300 feet that will leave your jaw on the floor!

Hong Kong Spas

Many refer to Hong Kong as the city that never sleeps – with good reason! When your neck or legs start hurting, take comfort knowing there’s an abundance of spas in this vibrant metropolis that offer indulgent treatments without costing an arm and a leg!

Practitioners employ techniques resembling western massage, typically targeting specific regions to relieve sore muscle pain while increasing circulation. Ha-lite is one of Hong Kong’s premier spas; here you can enjoy luxurious foot massages during lunch hour without breaking the bank!

If you require firm shaping, reflexology spa is a cost-effective solution. Another popular location, The Sparkle is also near the center of town; here, their experienced therapists offer top-quality spa services using cutting edge methods – suitable for facials feet massages or full body massages.

Take a trip on the Star Ferry

The Star Ferry is more than just a means of travel; it serves as an icon and vital piece of Victoria Harbor history. Although other modes of transit such as rail lines may traverse Victoria Harbor, taking the ferry remains the best way to catch glimpses of Victoria Harbor and all it offers.

Ferries provide convenient passenger transportation between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula, and also provide scenic routes perfect for photography – especially at sunset! Additionally, these ferries showcase stunning recreations from ferries throughout history in 1920s Hong Kong.

Take the double-decker starship ride of Victoria Harbor for an amazing skyscraper viewing experience and tranquil seas, plus every night there’s a spectacular light display featuring music and dancing lights from Victoria Tower’s skyscrapers – making for one of the top fifty destinations to experience throughout your lifetime according to National Geographic! The seats can even be rotated for optimal views; according to them this ferry ranks among National Geographic’s 50 Top Destinations of a Lifetime.

Final thoughts

Hong Kong is an exciting city renowned for its abundant attractions and breathtaking skyline, making a visit here an exciting journey of discovery. Newcomers may feel overwhelmed by all there is to do here but once in Hong Kong you’ll quickly see there’s much more going on than meets the eye.