Surprise Food Express: Tips & Tricks

Surprise Food Express is now available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Read our review here. The game has a lot of content, which can make it overwhelming for beginners. Here are some things you should keep in mind while playing the game.

Balanced Diet

Four types of Food Souls are available: Strength, Defence and Magic, as well as Support. To have a good lineup, you need to balance these traits. A basic team will have at least two Strength and Magic Food Souls in the front, while a Defence Food Soul is up front taking in the hits. You will need something useful to support the others in the back.

Take note Surprise Food Express

Quests are not tracked like other similar games. To claim rewards, you’ll need to manually begin a mission. It is easy to lose valuable resources. Before you play for the day, make sure you check your progress.

Clean up

Once you’ve cleared any stage, the Sweep option will allow you to go back and do it again immediately. You will only need the stamina you have come to expect. You can sweep a stage if you’re low on a specific material or item.

A storm of Delicious Recipes

Customers can only be served meals you have prepared ahead of time. You will need to make sure you check your kitchen every now and again if you are making any changes. Although you can put any dish on the pre-hearing line, it is not possible to make every customer’s favorite dishes based on their preferences.

Surprise Food Express for the Soul

Your Food Souls need nourishment just like your customers. You can increase your intimacy score by giving your Food Soul a recipe they like. This will increase their effectiveness and stature.

Food Fight Surprise Food Express

Although combat is almost entirely automated, there are some battles that require your attention. Sometimes bosses will perform unusual moves and you have a window of opportunity to stop them. You will not only cancel what they are trying to do but you will also deal additional damage. You may occasionally see tiny flying Surprise Food Express creatures that can heal larger creatures. To avoid a prolonged war of attrition, make it your priority to eliminate these pests.